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In the first of this epic trilogy, Masai Jackson is the End-Time demon slayer, 
Wrath the Conqueror, to his family of super-powered revolutionaries. Hunted 
at every turn by an evil secret society while plagued with fear and self-doubt, 
Masai must confront the sinister forces arrayed against humanity, his supernatural 
gifts their only hope...

When treachery and murdered kin signal a demonic takeover, Masai is 
forced into hiding in the ghettoes of North Philadelphia. He might be the 
deity foretold in the scriptures, but in the ‘hood, he’s just another youth 
struggling to grow up amid poverty and thwarted ambitions.  
Discovered by an evil mastermind to use his unique talents to manipulate 
the human race, Masai is torn between his desire for wealth and fame and 
his consecrated destiny.

With only the guidance of prophecy and a renegade band  of metaphysical 
commandos, Masai must battle fiendish soldiers, a Satanic Lord and the 
demons within himself to find what was once lost and mature from a boy, to 
a man and into a God.

Legacy of Wrath 18 Month Calendar Collector's Edition

SKU: dm94e
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