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Dive into the realm of the supernatural with "Legacy of Wrath," where ancient prophecies, epic super -powered battles and personal and esoteric growth converge. Join Wrath the Conqueror on a gripping adventure that transcends the ordinary. Are you ready for a tale that goes beyond the pages?

In the first of this epic trilogy, Masai Jackson is the End-Time demon slayer, Wrath the Conqueror, to his family of super-powered revolutionaries. Hunted at every turn by an evil secret society while plagued with fear and self-doubt, Masai must confront the sinister forces arrayed against humanity, his supernatural gifts their only hope...

When treachery and murdered kin signal a demonic takeover, Masai is forced into hiding in the ghettoes of North Philadelphia. He might be the deity foretold in the scriptures, but in the ‘hood, he’s just another youth struggling to grow up amid poverty and thwarted ambitions.                        

Discovered by an evil mastermind to use his unique talents to manipulate the human race, Masai is torn between his desire for wealth and fame and his consecrated destiny.

With only the guidance of prophecy and a renegade band of metaphysical commandos, Masai must battle fiendish soldiers, a Satanic Lord and the demons within himself to find what was once lost and mature from a boy, to a man and into a God.

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Products that Bring the Saga to Life

Immerse Yourself in the Action!

Choose your entry point into the world of "Legacy of Wrath." Immerse yourself in the 256-page action-packed saga, celebrate the dawning of a new age in superhero fantasy with the Collector's Edition Calendar, or experience the journey digitally with our Ebook.

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Limited Edition: Legacy of Wrath Calendar Collector's Edition

Celebrate the dawning of a new age in superhero fantasy with our exclusive 18-month Legacy of Wrath Wall Calendar. Featuring high-quality images printed on premium paper, this collector's edition spans January 2024 to June 2025.

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18 month calendar


Celebrating the Dawning of a New Age in Superhero Fantasy

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  • THIS 18 MONTH LEGACY OF WRATH WALL CALENDAR features monthly pages for January 2024 to June 2025

  • HIGH QUALITY IMAGES printed on premium paper

  • PERFECT SIZE - Calendar image dimensions are 8.75" x 11.25"

            All illustrations created by Sheer Will



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“I did not want to put this book down and I believe you won’t want to either. ” 
   - Michael-Louis Ingram,
Editor in chief, BASN

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"I am generally not a sci-fi reader, yet I loved the story line of this action packed book! Great writing!
- Terri R. Tyler,  MD. E.

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​"Legacy of Wrath is a MUST READ!!! I'm not a big fan of sci-fi but this book had my attention by the  first couple of pages; by the end of chapter one, I was hooked. It is a relatable story filled with action, humor, and suspense. Eagerly anticipating the next one. Great job Sheer Will!!" 

-Nakia Johnson, C.P.A.


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