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Sheer Will is an award-winning graphic artist whose striking depictions have been well received in numerous exhibitions around the country, including his seminal piece "Satin Passion" with Mocha Gallery, which inspired the wave  of "Black Love" lithographs of the 1990's.  



I didn't set out to reinvent the wheel. I just put 22's on it.

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Having been a long fan of the Marvel and DC Universes, Sheer Will created a myriad of characters and by chance, rekindled his love for telling stories. He refined his own narrative style, blending superhero action with urban realism and esoteric ideologies, compelling him to describe Legacy of Wrath as a "Hip-hopalyptic Sci-Fi Thriller." 

Sheer Will displays a gritty sensuality in his writing, supplanted with a character-driven story that skillfully crafts a compelling page turner. He is currently working on the next "Legacy of Wrath" installment.

A former graphic designer for the Philadelphia Tribune newspaper, Sheer Will graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with a BS in Media Art and Animation and interned at MTV in NY on the short-lived animated series, “Spy Groove.”


Legacy of Wrath is a character-driven saga that deals with contemporary anxieties in a unique way. The characters are unique and relatable, many with powers never seen before. Although it's a continuation of the classic battle of good and evil, it's a compelling page turner that allows the reader to visualize the events in their mind's eye and leaves an impression on them long after they’ve finished reading. So you didn't just read a book. You had an experience.                                                           

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